Saturday, May 10, 2014

Full Wheel Detail + Plasti-Dip

Plasti-dipping has grown exponentially in the last few years with car nuts using it on everything.  And for good reason, it's extremely useful, has little to no danger (watch out for the colored versions on paint), and removes by simply peeling off.  I went with the standard black for the rims to add some contrast to the White BR-Z.

While doing this I figured why not give the wheels and wheel wells a deep scrub and give them a nice coat of dressing to give it that deep black look.  Pictures inbound.

The wells weren't much to see right?  A little Optimum Power Clean and microfiber wipe down and they should be good to go.

A little deeper inspection shows what a car goes through as a daily driver.  Nothing too difficult to deal with.

And after a nice wipedown before applying the desired dressing, CarPro PERL.

Now it's time to move on to the wheels.  It sure is easier to clean them when they're off the car.  Same deal here, simple wipedown with Optimum Power Clean.   Followed by using GTechniq Panel Wipe just to ensure the panel was bare and ready to have the Plasti-Dip applied.  Here's  quick before and after of the wheel.

And the finished product of the wheel wells after the PERL has more than enough time to cure.

Now for the finished rims back on the car.

Overall the products worked well as normal.  I went through quite a few towels and it was my first time using Panel Wipe.  It went on just fine but without using it on paint I can't really comment on it's comparison to CarPro Eraser.  But for the amount I used it for it works great, easy to apply, no noticeable streaking, good smell, nothing detrimental.