Friday, April 3, 2015

Shine on...

Just a bit of shameless plug after spending a few days on the car...

Garage Update and Why Working In The Shade Is Important

Alright! I was able to add some fancy organization to the garage and safe to say the new tool chest is already full. Picked this up from a friend and filled it up the same night. While it doesn't have any full length drawers this works out perfectly as I could split the left half for tools and the right half as dedicated detailing equipment. Enough talking more pictures.

Overall it's a 14-drawer Craftsman Griplock chest.  The drawers have a clever drawer design where the handle must be lifted up to be released to prevent it from opening accidentally. Works as advertised.

Going through drawer by drawer for the detailing side.  Top one is smaller pads, applicators, clay, and tape.  The little items overall that need some height.

Next is the brushes, this has since been slightly re-arranged to a row of paint safe brushes, followed by non-paint safe brushes.  On the left hand side is various backing plates.

Next is the flashlights and infrared thermometer I recently picked up.  More on that in a few paragraphs.

Now on to the good stuff, pads, and more pads.  With more being shipped as well...

And finally towels.  Only non-paint safe towels in here.  All the drawers have new liners in them but I just didn't feel comfortable putting paint safe towels in a drawer, so they remain in a plastic tote.

Now back a few I picked up an infrared thermometer.  It was on sale from Amazon for around $12 and I figured why not.  I could shoot the laser at a few things and see what happened.  Well I've found quite a few uses.  This is Satin White Pearl in the shade (the hood) compared to the sun (the roof).  These measurements were taken seconds apart and the car was parked in the driveway.

Quite a bit of difference from even just a few minutes.  Ambient temperature was around 85-90 degrees and little humidity.  

Thanks for reading! Post any comments or questions.