Friday, June 5, 2015

Short Review: DP Glass Coating

This is a quick synopsis of a glass coating I just applied on the BRZ.  I recently picked up the DP Prep Polish, Glass Coating, Wheel Coating, and Paint Coating and figured no better time than now to use the glass coating.  While rain is rarely an issue here in Vegas, that makes having a semi-permanent coating that much better as it won't get that much abuse and should hopefully last a few years.

And these are the items we'll be using today.  The coating, clay alternative, and a suede applicator block with associated cloth.

Here's the glass after a quick cleaning with GTechniq Panel Wipe to ensure a clean surface for the coating to adhere to.  Claying was done initially but the marring was so much of a hassle I skipped it. There was barely any grit to the glass that could be felt.

So directions for the glass coating are a cool surface and to let sit 2 minutes.  Here in the garage it's somewhat cool.  For the beginnings of summer at least.

In comparison to the concrete in the sun, quite a bit of difference.

Applicator block all setup and buffing towel, a CarPro Boa.

Rudimentary timer, I used just around 1:30 from spray on to lightly buff since the temperature was a bit more optimal.

And sprayed on.

After spraying the block was used to uniformly distribute the coating and avoid and lingering highspots.  I was quite impressed on the leveling of the coating.  There were only a few spots remaining after a simple cross-hatch and upon completion I did a walk-around in the sun with the towel to see if I had missed anywhere.  I think at most I found 2 spots that came right off roughly 8-10 minutes after application.  It may take a while until it actually sees some rain so that's why although this is not a performance review I did want to post my thoughts.

Previously, I have used Opti-Coat on windows, which worked well but not specifically formulated for glass.  From my understanding this mainly lies on the windshield where the coating is less likely to stand up to the abrasiveness of windshield wipers, I'm sure this thought process could easily be applied to the simple rolling up and down of windows.  I'll make sure to post back with my thoughts when and if it does see rain, if not on the next wash.

Update:  After a few rainstorms I can say DP Glass coating works well, it starts making rain drops fly off right around the 40mph mark.  This is pretty standard for most glass water repellants, but where it succeeds over others is that using the windshield wipers doesn't spell the end for it.  It's been on there for two months and in the couple of rain showers I've ran into it's worked great.

Take care and post up any questions you may have.