Wednesday, July 22, 2015

DP Wheel Coating

In continuing with the DP Coatings, here is their wheel coating.  I took some time to get the BRZ up on some jack stands and do an oil change and while rotating the tires decided to do a full wheels off detail.  

First up the rims and tires, for the tires Optimum Power Clean (OPC) was used as well as for the rims.  Following this just to be safe each wheel and interior of the rim got  a double IPA wipedown.

For the wheel wells OPC was used again with assorted brushes followed by two coats of Meguiar's Hyper Dressing diluted 1:1 5-10 minutes apart.  1:1 can leave a pretty shiny finish but diluting it anymore leads to a very liquid product that tends to drip off and make a bit of a mess.

The tires got a double coat of AMMO Mud.  I picked up a couple of these new Carrand tire applicators in trying to find one that works well.

Each tire got two coats of a small bead.  It was evenly dabbed on the tire before spread.

In spreading it I used two coats clockwise, then swiped a third time counterclockwise to avoid smear marks and ensure even coverage throughout the tire.  This helps avoid high spots or missing areas of dressing.

Unfortunately I didn't catch any pictures of the wheel coating in use but I used a basic foam applicator and went over each wheel evenly.  After a bit of a drying period this is the product we are left with.

The shine on the wheels is fantastic.  I was genuinely impressed, but the durability and ease of cleaning is just as important as the appearance.  The coating spread evenly and I didn't notice any high spots in use.  I did lightly buff the interior of the rim after coating it but that was just too difficult between the spokes.

Thanks for reading!