Thursday, November 7, 2013

Rupes Announces Two New Polishers

Photos courtesy of Rupes Bigfoot

At SEMA 2013 that began Tuesday November 5, Rupes has two brand new polishers coming out.  First is the Rupes LHR12E Duetto.


This is a much smaller polisher that brings Rupes into the more entry level market such as the Griot's Garage 6", it is similar in size but continues the Bigfoot way with a 12mm throw.  Compared to the 8mm throw of traditional polishers like the Griot's 6" or Porter Cable 7424XP you can see how this would work great on saving time and efficiency.

The next polisher to hit the market is the LHR75E MINI.  Now this polisher is very similar to the LHR75 Pneumatic polisher except this one runs off electricity.  It is a 3" polisher that still delivers the 12mm throw.  The smaller size allows better maneuverability and handling in tighter places where a traditional polisher won't fit as easily such as spoiler, vents, and pillar work.

Thanks for reading! Stay tuned for any updates on pricing and availability.

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