Friday, April 4, 2014

My Latest Haul

Courtesy of CarPro-US

2 Microfiber Madness Crazy Piles

2 Fast Glass Cloths

2 3" Low Profile Crimson Hydrotechs

16oz Spotless Water Spot Remover

Expect a review on Spotless coming up.

All in all excited to try out the Crazy Pile towels on the new BRZ.  Fast Glass cloths are indispensable, one just wasn't enough, they are perfect not only on cars but all around the house.  Spotless is mainly for water spots on the window and the Hydrotechs are just to fill a gap in my pads since I have 3" in the Tangerine and Cyan version and my only crimson was pretty well trashed by Blackfire Black Ice (definitely keep a dedicated pad for that wax it just does not come out after multiple washes).

Thanks for reading!

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