Wednesday, August 6, 2014

Dr. Colorchip Review

Today, I report my findings on Dr. Colorchip.  It is bitter sweet, unfortunately I ran into a scrape with the BR-Z, but I have been wanting to try out Dr. Colorchip for quite a while, so I figured better now than ever.

Here below you can see the minor scrape.

Overall nothing too noticeable as it is so low on the car, but not something that I can live with when there are products specifically made to help.

When buying a kit from Dr. Colorchip you input your specific car model and paint color, they then match it tot he best of their abilities.
Included in the kit is:

Code matched paint
Small paint brush
Paint cleanser
Latex Gloves

With the BR-Z being a triple coat white with quite a bit of flake they do caution that while they match to the best of their abilities, there may be a slight mismatch.  This mainly being due to it not being a solid color such as black or a plain white, etc...

The paint cleanser used is made to clean the surface from contaminants and leave a bare surface, it can also be used to remove excess paint.  The picture below shows the packaging.

After an hour or so, following the instructions exactly here is the finished product.  It has blended better over time, and since the car was relatively new there isn't as much fade as seen in cars that are more than a couple of years old.

Overall it is a great product, it is used very easily.  The finish and final product is much better than you would get from buying a simple touch up paint tube from the dealer.  Since those usually run in the $15-25 range for most average cars, I think ponying up the cost for Dr. Colorchip or another brand like Langka is overwhelmingly worth it.

Feel free to post or message me any questions about my process!


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