Monday, October 14, 2013

Review: Bouncer's Sherbet Fizz

Well I am nothing less than absolutely impressed with this wax.  From application to smell, packaging, the only downfall is that it was night out by the time I got done so I didn't have time to get pictures of it.  But alas I will tomorrow when I apply a second coat. UPDATED below with pictures

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I applied this wax by hand and by machine to compare both application forms as well as see how easy the can accepted a 3" pad.

A basic foam applicator was used.  Cliche picture of wax pot and applicator below.

The smell on this wax is fantastic, a citrus-type smell that is pleasing to use and be around.  The form of this wax is very soft and feels like it melts as you swipe it out, it is not as soft as Wolfgang Fuzion but similar in form and feel.  A slight gel type feel to it when it bunches up.  It swipes very easily but less is absolutely more, the first couple times I applied by hand and machine I over applied and when I went to buff it off (roughly 1-3 minutes depending on temperature per the can) it slightly smeared over the paint but was not at all difficult to work with.  It was just surprising and unexpected, but was remedied once I got used to using it.  Here is an example of the amount that could easily cover a large panel and then some.

This may be my favorite wax so far, and from the numerous pictures and videos I've seen of sheeting and beading I almost hope it rains on my car so I can see the results.  Long-term durability will be the largest factor but from my research that shouldn't be an issue at all.

Thanks for reading!

Update: Pictures of said car below.

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