Sunday, October 13, 2013

Review: Chemical Guys Glossworkz Car Shampoo

Lately I've been trying new soaps out to see which I prefer ever since I got the foam gun.  Well after using Adam's Car Shampoo, I decided to pick up a couple pretty highly reviewed options.  Both from Chemical Guys, Honeydew and Glossworkz, this is my take on Glossworkz.

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Initial Reactions:

Smell is great, extremely diluted at 1:640 or 1 oz per 5 gallons of water!  Now I only used this as an initial foam to get rid of any dirt I could that was barely sitting on top, by reducing this by not touching the car before moving on to my rinseless wash.

Here it is coming out of the foam gun.

Overall after using it I did like the foam, unfortunately I didn't get the cling I was hoping for, I may adjust the dilution ratio to see if this will help.  As for noticeable gloss difference, I will keep this updated, it got dark after I was done but I will check in the morning.

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