Sunday, August 11, 2013

Review: HD Polish

This was in participation of 3D's review program ongoing.

You may recognize this Jetta that I recently paint corrected and Opti-Coated.  There were quite a few RIDs on this car but the swirls and scratches overall were minor, I had hoped to use a 1-step paint correction to avoid taking too much clear off but in the process I received HD Polish.  I already had Optimum Hyper Polish and put them up against each other.  Note neither got the results I had desired but I did learn quite a bit about HD Polish in the process.

Setup and Step-by-Step

Began by just a quick waterless wash with UWW and claying with Nanoskin fine grade towel

Here is an example of some of the scratches found on this vehicle

And the products (Optimum Hyper Polish and HD Polish both on Optimum MF Pads)
Cars all taped up!

MF Pad after using Hyper Polish

MF Pad after using HD Polish

After using both here is my consensus

They have both have a similar level of cut but their application and dusting is what differed. In my opinion Optimum Hyper Polish is fantastic regarding dusting as there is absolutely none but to me I am not a fan of spray application after using it.  I find that when spraying it it either sprays everywhere beyond the pad or comes out in a stream and doesn't evenly coat the pad.  I've tried adjusting the spray nozzle but I can't seem to find that sweet spot, so right now when I spray the pad I do it over an empty box or in a garbage can.  Now as for HD Polish it's just the same as any other polish, easy to figure out how much, priming the pad, etc... As for dusting there was minor dusting, nothing absolutely crazy but as compared to Optimum Hyper Polish this was a negative.  One thing I did like quite a bit about HD Polish is that wipe-off is extremely easy it's nowhere near as oily as other polishes and just a simple wipe and buff leaves the surface clean and bare.


Overall I do like having HD Polish in the arsenal and it has it's pros and cons as compared to Optimum Hyper Polish but as for now until I try it on foam pads it sits slightly below it.

Thanks for reading post up any questions or tips!

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