Saturday, August 3, 2013

Review: 3D Towel Kleen

This was in participation of 3D's promotion of receiving products in exchange for trying them out and posting reviews.

Wow does 3D have a quick turn around, in 3 days I had already received this. Perfect as I had just finished up light polishing the Camaro after noticing a few scratches that were my fault for being a bit too aggressive on a waterless wash. Well I decided to throw this product at the wheel towels to see what it could do.

Now first off up to this point I have been using dye free scent free detergent that isn't made for microfibers specifically, I have been meaning to get some but overall it has been working fine and I've see no negative effects with it. But I will say none that I've used have cleaned as well as this has.

First off, packaging.

Overall pretty standard gallon jug. But the price is very reasonable $16 for 1 gallon and in a wash you use roughly 2 oz. So 64 washes for $16 or $0.25 per wash, not too bad. No complaints about the packaging although it would be nice if the cap could be used to measure, some other companies provide a dual spout container for you to measure. I don't know if that would work with a gallon container but a simple cap with hashed lines like clothes detergent would be helpful.

Now onto the towels, brace yourselves....

I told you I didn't take it easy. These were full of wiping down brake dusted wheels as well as brake rotors and I really wanted to give a kind of worst case scenario to Towel Kleen.

Here are the results

Overall a gigantic improvement, note these towels were placed in the wash the same afternoon they were used, no sitting around, no soaking in a bucket of water and APC which I'll do if they'll be sitting a few days. But this product worked great. I didn't expect a 100% improvement on that first towel, it was covered in oxidation, brake dust, dirt, grime, you name it it has it. The second one is darn near clean as can be. The towels did regain fluff as well so no drying out with this product.

I would have no problem recommending this product, it's a great value and does what it's supposed to. I'll be using this from now on.

Feel free to ask any questions or pass on any knowledge. Thanks for reading.

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