Thursday, August 29, 2013

Review: P21S Metal Polishing Soap

You may remember from my Nevr-Dull review that I was interested in trying out P21S Polishing Soap as well in comparison.  Well I recently picked some up in a trade and couldn't wait to try it out.

Product link found here.


You can see it comes supplied with it's own sponge.

The soap and sponge.

The sponge must be soaked in water then wrung until it is barely dripping.  The instructions then call for it to be swiped multiple times across the soap.

After using this, this was probably too much, but in the beginning I'd rather use too much than not enough.

As for the exhaust tips here is a quick before and after, they weren't in too bad of a shape to begin with but take a look specifically at the inside edge.  After polishing multiple times you can either wash it off or wait for it to haze then buff off.  I chose to wash it off since it seemed like a safer route to begin with.

Overall my thoughts on this product is that it works fantastic on polishing them up, however using a sponge as compared to something like a foam applicator is more difficult.  I may try an applicator out next and see if that works better.  It would be smaller than the sponge.  But the soap works great however compared to a polish it does create more of a mess and additionally requires to be washed off or to wait until it dries to a haze (which I don't prefer because I'd rather put the product on then take it off instead of leaving it on there), as compared to Nevr-Dull which you just polish then wipe clean once you're done.

Thanks for reading if you have any questions or tips feel free to let me know.

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