Sunday, August 4, 2013

Review: Diamondite Glasswork System Kit for Machine Application

This is a great kit for those without an orbital polisher or want to use a drill instead, it comes with all the pieces required but the drill.  After previous attempts by hand not leading to the results I wanted I picked this up today and used it. Results shown in the pictures.

So this is why hard water is horrible as well as not being with your car for months while it has to sit outside unfortunately.

Here's what I'm dealing with

You can see it's full of water spots and living in the southwest means dust storms, plus rain do not equal a good combination and can cover your car in minutes.

And here's the kit

And what's inside

It comes with a clay bar/lubricator, polish, and sealant. It also comes with a 2.75" backing plate with drill attachment and 4" orange pad, as well as a brush to wipe off dusting created. Overall the clay was good quality, the microfiber was great quality, however the pad was not that great in my opinion neither was the brush, bristles were falling when I opened it but it did work.

Here's what I used


And a 50/50 (well more like 25/75 shot) the left is cleaned the right is untouched.

I will say my technique could have been better and may have lead to excess dusting but I do say it had more than I expected but it also came with the brush that helped a bit. But overall the product worked great and I doubt the windows have looked better than they do now, I'd say a solid 80-90% improvement and water spots were removed.

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