Saturday, August 3, 2013

Review: Nevr - Dull

It seems like everytime I look at my collection I find something I'm missing. This last week I've become more and more disappointed in my exhaust tips looked, they weren't terribly dirty but they never had that pop to them I see from the pros. They were always pretty dull so after looking around a bit I found Nevr-Dull and P21S Metal Polishing Soap, this being a wadding polish and a bit cheaper I decided to try it out (not to say I don't want to try out P21S, it's still on the wish list).

Got it in today and well some free time means I had a chance to try it out.

Here's what we're up against

And the products used (note I'm using Megs D101 in an Adam's bottle)

APC at work

I just thought this was cool the APC turned purple when it hit stainless steel, no idea why

Here's the clean exhaust tip, just dull to me and full of minor scratches

Take just a small pinch out of the can, can be a bit difficult to tear off and I would definitely recommend using gloves with this.

And after polishing

Exhaust tip #2 before

Some oxidation beforehand

Cleared it right up

And the final product (plus some Meg's Hyper Dressing on the rear diffuser to give it a clean look. Can't have clean exhaust tips and a dirty diffuser can we

Overall, my thoughts are that Nevr Dull is easy to use, cheap and effective. Now I wouldn't mind more shine and gloss from them but I think I'll need a Powerball or to pull the tips off to get that perfect shine that really reflects. For me, honestly it's just not worth it, maybe if I have some free time and can take them off I can spend some quality time with each of them. I would have no problem using this again, but I do need to say what kind of durability and longevity this has and how it stands up to the elements over time.

Thanks for reading, feel free to post any questions or tips!

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